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Texting behind wheel major distraction, increases risk for car accident

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While cell phone use behind the wheel has always been a main source of distracted driving, text messaging while driving has also become a popular phenomenon among young drivers.

A recent study by Findlaw.com found that nearly half of drivers 18-24 admit to texting or emailing via cell phone while driving. The study of 1,000 Americans also found that 27 percent of adults aged 25 to 34 and 19 percent of adults aged 35 to 44 admit to texting as well.

Ohio is the process trying to make texting while driving against the law, according to Toledo Legal News. The prospective law would cost a driver caught texting behind the wheel $250 in fines.

The University of Utah found that the risk for a car accident increases by 50 percent for those who text while driving. AAA reports that the risk for a car accident also double for those drivers who take their eyes off the road for only two seconds, and that 80 percent of car accidents involve some sort of inattention.

Our Toledo, Ohio car accident attorneys have seen time and time again the devastation that car accidents can bring to a family. We urge drivers to leave their cell phones alone while driving. If a call must be made or received, our Toledo, Ohio car accident attorneys encourage drivers to pull over to use their phones or use a wireless headset such as a Bluetooth.

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