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Toledo auto accident lawyer unveils legal column

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The Toledo Blade rolled out my new newspaper column on Sunday that’s intended to provide a forum for people from Sandusky, Toledo, Findlay, and northwest Ohio to ask legal questions about auto accidents and other topics.

The goal of the column, which is called "Legal Briefs," is to provide practical legal information about a number of subjects even though I focus my practice on personal injury and criminal defense work.

The first column looked at what people can expect to deal with if they’ve been injured in an accident. Here’s a excerpt from Sunday’s piece:

Traffic accidents happen every day. Whether you’re talking about routine fender-benders or devastating head-on collisions, navigating the world of insurance claims and legal actions can be daunting.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, dealing with the physical and legal fallout can range from a simple hassle if you’re lucky to a life-altering event if you’re not. Either way, it’s helpful to have some understanding about how to handle the situation.

People who have been involved in an accident often wonder how to make sense of the situation. Some have been bombarded with letters from lawyers, chiropractors, and the other driver’s insurance company. Below are some legal tips for people who have been injured in an accident.