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Full coverage may not cover you in a Sandusky, Ohio car accident | Sandusky, Ohio car accident lawyers

Even though you buy full coverage auto insurance to protect you and your family in an Ohio car accident doesn’t mean that you will be fully covered.

Our Toledo, Ohio car accident lawyers see…

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Avoid Findlay car accidents on and off the road | Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyers

Our Findlay, Ohio car accident lawyers urge parents to be extra careful with their kids around cars, regardless if you are on the road or in your driveway. If you or someone you know has been…

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When is the best time to drive? | Ohio fatal car accident lawyers

Our Toledo, Ohio car accident lawyers handle Ohio car accidents on a regular basis. If you or someone you love has been injured in an Ohio car accident, contact our office today for your FREE copy…

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Which cities have the most fatal teen car accidents? | Ohio car accident lawyers

Many factors can contribute to teen car accidents, including cell phone use and text messaging behind the wheel, drinking and driving, or other distractions in the car like friends or music. Mix…

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Research finds ATV accident wrongful deaths skyrocket with expired CPSC regulations

Statistics on ATV accidents as well as the ATV accidents our office handles are devastating, especially when the ATV accident has jeopardized a child’s health and safety. Our Toledo, Ohio ATV…

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Serious injury, wrongful death can occur after ATV rollover accidents

Our Toledo, Ohio ATV accident lawyers have seen firsthand the types of injuries that ATV accidents can cause, as well as how those personal injuries can affect a family.

In this first…

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Car accidents, wrongful deaths can increase during Daylight Savings Time

According to CNN.com, pedestrians walking at dusk are three times more likely to be struck and suffer wrongful death in a car accident than before the clocks moved back. The highest personal injury…

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A few more tips on keeping kids safe from pedestrian car accidents this Halloween

Our Toledo, Ohio pedestrian accident lawyers encourage parents to take an active role in trick-or-treating, regardless of a child’s age, in order to prevent wrongful death from pedestrian…

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Remind kids: safety before candy, prevent pedestrian car accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an average of four wrongful deaths per year occurred during Halloween hours amongst kids ages 5-14 years after pedestrian car accidents.
Keep your kids…

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Protect your kids from pedestrian car accidents this Halloween

Practicing good safety measures at Halloween is essential in order to prevent pedestrian car accidents,” Attorney Chuck Boyk said. “I have seen cases where children were struck by motor…