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Chuck Boyk

Toledo, Ohio car accident attorney answers general legal questions in Toledo Blade column

General legal questions addressing issues such as car accident injuries, workers’ compensation, dog bites, and wrongful death are answered in Toledo, Ohio car accident attorney Dale Emch’s “Legal…

Chuck Boyk

Is homeowner liable for what happens to social guests?

Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorney Dale Emch discusses the liability surrounding property owners in his most recent “Legal Briefs” column found in the Toledo Blade. “Legal Briefs” is a question…

Chuck Boyk

Slip and fall liability sometimes hard to pinpoint

Check out Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorney Dale Emch’s most recent “Legal Briefs” column from the Toledo Blade, which talks about personal injury from a slip and fall accident as well as the…

Anneke Kurt

Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys post new video on web

Because our office believes knowledge is power, attorneys Chuck Boyk, Mike Bruno, and Dale Emch have posted videos to give practical advice to people who may be searching for answers on the web. The attorneys in our office have ventured deeper into cyberspace by posting the video clips on our firm’s website to provide information about a variety of personal injury topics, including car…

Anneke Kurt

Serious personal injury, wrongful death blamed on pit bull attacks

Pit bull attacks and the resulting dog bites almost always cause open wounds and scarring, many times to the faces of young kids. Pit bulls have a tendency to not show any signs of aggression before they attack. Their hair does not stand on end, nor to they growl or bark prior to biting someone. The adrenaline in a pit bull does not stop during an attack. This means that a pit bull will…

Anneke Kurt

Toledo boy suffers personal injury from dog bites

Six-year-old Rashad Mathis suffered serious personal injury earlier this month after he was mulled by a rottweiller near his home, according to the Toledo Blade. The boy had dog bites to his face, mouth and ear as well as personal injuries to his arms and legs. Our Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorneys see cases where children suffer personal injury resulting from dog bites, many of which require…

Anneke Kurt

Risk of personal injury from dog bite too high for landlord to allow pit bulls on property

Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorney Dale Emch discussed the liability of landlords who allow tenants to have dogs on their property. He sees many cases, especially those involving pit bull attacks, which result in personal injury and permanent scarring. While Dale found that in most situations an Ohio landlord would not be liable for personal injuries caused by a tenant’s dog, he questioned why a…

Chuck Boyk

Kids left home alone with loaded gun and pit bulls

Toledo police officers discovered five children home alone with pit bulls and a loaded rifle, resulting in a child endangerment charge for the mother, according to the Toledo Blade.Alison Gilmore allegedly left the children unattended in the house the family shared with the dogs, and it was apparent that pit bull fighting had occurred on the premises. A picture window overlooked a makeshift pit…

Chrissie Cole

Pit Bulls Bite Workers at Ohio Shelter

Dozens of pit bulls that were seized in dog fighting investigations have bitten animal shelter workers and behaved so bad in general that visitors are warned to stay away from their cages.Most of the 72 pit bulls bark furiously at visitors, propelling their bodies against the cage bars and grabbing a hold of the coats of passers-by, said Mark Kumpf, director at the Montgomery County Animal…