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Injury website recognizes Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorney

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A dog bite injury website based in Seattle, Washington gave recognition to Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorney Dale Emch and his Toledo op-ed piece on Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skedon.

DogsBite.org stated in their August 23, 2008 post:

“Dale Emch is a Toledo-based attorney. He also writes The Blade’s Legal Briefs column and previously worked as a reported and editor at The Blade. Emch recently wrote a piece that supports Skeldon. It is exceptional. Emch nails the true gunners after Skeldon too: ‘pit-bull fans who make money by fighting or breeding the dogs.'”

If you or someone you know has suffered personal injury from a dog bite, you need information. The Ohio Dog Bite Book, written by Toledo, Ohio dog bite attorneys Chuck Boyk, Dale Emch, and Mike Bruno, focuses on what do immediately after a dog bite, as well as how to handle the insurance companies.

Some of the tips provided in The Ohio Dog Bite Book include: take photos of the injury as soon as possible, notify the local authorities and dog warden, and do not give any information to the insurance company before consulting an attorney.

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