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Restaurant on college campus causes food poisoning, personal injury to students

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The Portage Health Department reports that more than 400 students from Kent State University suffered personal injury from food poisoning last week, with the cases linked to the Chipotle restaurant on State Route 59 in Kent, Ohio. Those who ate at the restaurant between Tuesday, April 15th and Friday April 18th were the most likely to have been affected.


The Portage Health Department also reports that the norovirus causes severe diarrhea, nausea, cramping, and other personal injuries. The food poisoning norovirus can be contracted by eating foods or drinking liquids that are already tainted with the virus, having direct contact with other contaminated people, or by touching contaminated surfaces.


Our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys urge everyone to thoroughly wash fresh food before eating, make sure that meats and seafood are cooked all the way through, and frequently wash hands to prevent personal injury from food poisoning.


As in any personal injury claim or incident involving food poisoning, be careful what you sign.  You may inadvertently sign a release and sign away your rights or rights to a future claim. It is important to contact an attorney in the event of any personal injury claim, to discuss your legal rights.