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Study shows its better to take a settlement than go to trial

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One of the most difficult decisions in a personal injury case is whether or not to take what the insurance company offers. Sometimes it is better to settle than to take a case to court for a jury to decide its outcome. According to The New York Times a recent study showed that in 61% of cases taken to trial, plaintiffs received less money than was originally offered.

For those suffering from personal injuries from incidents such as car accidents or medical malpractice, settling a case out of court is common. The Times reported that majority of cases – 80 to 92 percent – settle out of court.

The study, which looked at over 2,000 jury trials, found that incorrectly assuming that a plaintiff will receive more money if the case goes to trial costs a plaintiff an average of $43,000. In other words, if the average plaintiff would have just taken the settlement offer instead of going to court, they could have an average of $43,000 more dollars in their pockets.

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