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Workers compensation discussed during interview with Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney Chuck Boyk

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Chuck Boyk, a Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney, has handled over 1000 workers compensation cases in the past ten years, representing indisputably injured workers.

Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney Chuck Boyk was interviewed earlier this month on Channel 13 ABC in a special report on workers compensation. Workers compensation is paid when a person injured at work files a claim to cover costs such as time lost on the job or medical bills. The special investigation discussed workers compensation fraud, which occurs when an employee injured on the job claims he is too hurt to go back work, but puts in time at another place of employment. When asked to comment on hidden camera evidence reflecting workers compensation fraud, Chuck Boyk had this to say, “What they never show you is the 30 to 40 tapes they made following the people where they don’t find anything.”

Check out Chuck Boyk’s interview on Channel 13 ABC by clicking here: Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney.

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