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Summer travel increases risk for trucking accidents

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During the summer, more cars are out sharing the roads with semi trucks, as families travel to their vacation destinations. According to Road Safe America, more than 5,000 people die and over 130,000 people suffer personal injury from trucking accidents.

The heavy weight of trucks and the extended amount it takes them to stop contributes to the fact that of all fatal trucking accidents, 98 percent of the wrongful deaths occur in the car, not the semi, according to Road Safe America.

Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys urge drivers to be careful when approaching a semi, whether it is on a highway or a main road. Avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot – remember, if you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, they cannot see you. Do not stop suddenly in front of a semi truck, as it takes them a lot longer to slow down or stop. Never try to pass a truck on the right that is turning left, as their cargo bed may extend wider than anticipated. Always keep a safe distance from trucks, and never cut off a truck, especially when trying to exit the highway. Keep yourself and your family safe from personal injury by responsibly sharing the road with trucks and all drivers, to avoid truck accidents.