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$36 million awarded to family of man killed at Wal-Mart | Toledo, Ohio wrongful death lawyers

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A paranoid schizophrenic who was supposed to be under the State’s care drove to an Arizona Wal-Mart in 2005 and fatally shot two men, then drove away. A witness gathered his license plate number and called police.

The mental patient was off of his medication at the time of the shooting, since his appointment was canceled by his care provider at ValueOptions and his medication ran out. ValueOptions held the contract for providing care to the state’s mental health patients.

Since the mental patient was a patient of the State of Arizona’s mental-health system for over 20 years, a jury found the State of Arizona and ValueOptions liable in one of the man’s deaths. The jury awarded $36 million to the family of one of the deceased. A separate lawsuit is pending in the other wrongful death.

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