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Our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys see how dog bites can cause serious personal injury, including permanent scarring and emotional distress. While it is nearly impossible to gain control over a dog that is uncontrollably attacking you, there are some actions you can take that may save your life.


            The Humane Society reports that the worst thing to do if you encounter a dog is run. Running away from a dog triggers a predator versus prey drive in the animal, making it more likely that the dog will chase you. According to a special assignment report done by KTEN news, the three main reasons dog bites occur are because the dogs are not spayed or neutered, they are chained up, or they are protecting something. The American Kennel Club recommends staying away from dogs you are unfamiliar with, and not disturbing a dog that is eating, sleeping, or taking care of puppies.


            If a dog does start to attack you, don’t yell, wave your arms around, or make eye contact, according to the AKC. Prevent personal injury by curling up into a ball, in the fetal position. Make sure to cover your face and neck, to protect main arteries and veins. Try to make yourself seem as vulnerable and unthreatening as possible, which means never using a stick or other object to fight back with the dog. Protect yourself and others by being smart around canines, even if they are familiar with you and your loved ones. Remember, as close as dogs may be to a family, they are still animals and have animal instincts.

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