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Our Toledo, Ohio car accident attorneys recognize that the more kids there are on the road, the greater the chance for pedestrian accidents. With the start of a new school year, more kids will be waiting for buses and walking to school. Follow these tips to keep kids traveling to and from school free from personal injury.

Pay extra attention

Drivers need to pay extra attention to the road, due to the increased number of children standing near the street.

Train your eyes to look for small children

Many drivers are not used to seeing children out and about in the early morning hours. Their eyes are not trained to look for small bodies, only for other cars. Teach your eyes to look for kids first.

Check behind your car

Before even leaving your driveway, make sure that there are no children near or behind your car.

Kids and Cars, a child advocacy group, estimate that vehicular backovers take the lives of two children per week. Vehicular backover wrongful deaths occur when a driver is unaware that a person is behind their car, and they proceed to leave a driveway or parking spot in reverse, striking them or running them over.

“Small children are very likely to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Attorney Chuck Boyk said. “Extra caution is essential to protect everyone. Rollover accidents are devastating for entire families and will gravely impact them forever.”

Know where your kids are

Make sure your children as well as those nearby your home are aware of your departure. Encourage them to stand at a safe, visible distance to “wave goodbye,” to ensure that you know where they are before backing up.

• Be cautious when backing out

When backing out, always roll down the window to listen for children playing near or behind your car, who you may not be able to see.

• Practice intersection safety

Be extra attentive when crossing an intersection. Sometimes children dart from behind cars, or fail to use crosswalks. Wait an extra few seconds before advancing after a light turns green, to make sure that the road is clear. Also be sure to stop early at a yellow light, even if you think you could make it through the intersection before the light turns red.

• Help bus drivers and crossing guards

Obey all school bus stop signs and crossing guards. They are there to help children travel to and from school safely, and their job depends on drivers following their lead. Help kids have a safe start back to school!


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