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As more and more snow falls on the ground this winter, the need for salt trucks and snow plows increases, also increasing the risk for truck accidents, as cars share the road with trucks trying to clean up the winter snow hazards. Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys see the tragic effects truck accidents involving snowplows or semis can cause, and they urge drivers to be careful out on the snow-filled roads this winter.

Trucks and other heavy motor vehicles have a harder time stopping than smaller cars, especially on ice and snow. Truck accidents involving semis and snowplows are frequent during the winter months, as ice makes roads slippery and snow can affect visibility. Another common cause of truck accidents is fishtailing, when the rig connected to the cab of a semi truck goes in the opposite direction of the engine pulling the load, which can happen on snowy roads or in icy conditions. These fishtails often lead to truck accidents, often causing personal injury or wrongful death.

A devastating truck accident in the Columbus, Ohio area occurred New Year’s Day involving a snowplow and the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child, according to the Toledo Blade. The Blade also reported another fatal truck accident in Fremont after a pick-up truck collided with a snowplow, killing the driver of the pick-up.

Our Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys urge drivers of cars and trucks alike to drive carefully this winter. Mind all posted traffic signs and speed limits and keep a clear distance from other cars and trucks to avoid collisions. Give your car or truck plenty of time and space to brake, and avoid sharp turns at high speeds, or quick lane changes. Always make sure to remove all snow and ice from your car before leaving home, to ensure optimum visibility for both you and other drivers.

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